About Us

A short history of me

I have studied software development and graduated 2002 from Helsinki University of Technology. Since I have worked in companies including Nokia and Accenture and got over 10 years of programming experience. 2013 I decided that it is now time to start company of my own and 'JMutanen Software' was born.

During the Nokia and Accenture career I have got a profound knowledge of overall software development process from a small research topic to wide-ranging product quality implementations, including architecture design, implementation, testing, customer interfaces, subcontracting coordination, and other daily Agile work practices, e.g. scrum, lean, continous intergration, and automatic testing. Work experience in Qt, C++, C, C#, .NET, Windows, WindowsPhone, and Java programming and also version control e.g. git, svn, and variety of scripting languages such Bash, Python. Linux, Maemo/Meego/RaspberryPI, and Windows programming, compilation, and debugging experience.

Area of pragmatic expertise: common client/server architecture, user interface design and implementation, real-time and parallel programming (threading) - especially in audio field, and web-based services with HTML5, CSS, AngularJS, TwitterBootstrap, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL languages.

Cheers, :-)
-Jussi Mutanen, founder